Day 280 – Madden 16

I’ve said in previous blogs how I’m not a diehard football fan. I’m a pretty casual fan of the Carolina Panthers after living in Charlotte, but I couldn’t tell you who they drafted first this year. I just like to keep track with how they’re doing.

With that said, the same goes for Madden games. They’re fun, but I don’t really get super hardcore in to them. I have been debating on Madden 16 and finally pulled the trigger and actually had an absolute blast playing last night.

I’m one who has a hard time starting a season until te official roster update has been released. Now, 5 weeks into the season I get to play catch up on my season. 

Another thing I’m big on is realism and I think I found a way to play a 15-minute quarter  game without playing an actual 15 minutes by speeding up the clock.

I have really enjoyed it and have been playing on all-pro. If you get a chance I would recommend it. 


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