Day 283 – A Few Games and some Hockey

I’m sitting in bed here, Amelia is sleeping and Ricky is laying in his bed watching a movie on Netflix, and probably playing on his iPad. Jen is going out with some friends so I’m holding it down for the evening.

Today hasn’t been anything too exciting. Jen had to work at 9:45am today so I’ve been hanging with the kids all day. We made a small trip to Target where I picked up a new cup for water (TMNT one I might add) as well as the new Ric Flair Funko that I believe was an exclusive to Target. Target’s Funko guys are really cheap, but they don’t have a whole lot. Still, I was excited to add a new WWE Funko to our collection.

Tomorrow I think Jen has to work again, so I’ll probably hang out with the kids, and I may watch some football. I think the Rams are playing Green Bay so that may be an interesting game to watch. I think the Rams may get destroyed, but still I figured I’d watch for a possible upset.

I played a few games of Madden today and though I had fun, I still need to improve my defense. Most of the games I played ended up to be nail biting shootouts. Meaning, the scores were close but high. I just need to not suck at giving up tons of passes. It’s still fun though, and a nice outlet for if I want to play something other than hockey OR, I’m waiting for the first official roster update to start my season on NHL 16.

I also played the new Star Wars Battlefront beta today on Xbox One. I have to say, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel with that game, but wow it’s actually a lot of fun. I would love to play it with a few friends, and go through some of the missions. I’m actually debating getting it once it comes out, which I think is in November.

So that’s all the fun here. I’m going to maybe see if I can find a movie to watch and take it easy. I hope you all had a great Saturday.


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