Day 285 – Beginning the Work Week

Good morning one and all, Monday is upon us. It’s funny how if I get going a little later, I always worry I’m going to be late to work, yet I seem to always get there the exact same time.

This will be week 3 of my new position, and though there are overwhelming moments, I still feel like I’m making progress which is good.

I apologize for the super short blog yesterday. I was super tired, and I had just gotten Ricky to sleep. I didn’t want to miss my day, but I didn’t feel like writing a monster long blog ether. At least you got a picture right.

Not much on the agenda for the day after work. I really need to clean the kitchen. Jen did a good job cleaning it last week and it just ranked again so I want to try and get it back in order. She’s been working so I should have done it over the weekend.

That’s all from here. I hope your Monday goes superb, and Go Cardinals!


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