Day 288 – A Sick Wife

Jen has been prett well bed ridden the last day or so with an issue she is having with possibly her gull bladder or ulcers. She went to urgent care late last night and went to see a doctor this afternoon. As of right now they are going to do some tests on Wedneasy, but it’s been pretty painful so far. She’s been sleeping since almost 6:30. I feel bad for her.

I took the day off today so I could take care of the kiddos. I got to take Ricky to preschool for the first time this morning which was pretty cool. 

I’m glad I only have one more day before the weekend so I can let Jen rest mor. Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of relief so if the pain gets too bad then we’ll have to go back to urgent care or call the doctor she saw today. 

The good news is it’s 9:30 and Amelia is asleep, and Ricky is in bed watching a movie and probably playing on my iPad but he’s essentially set to go whether he sleeps in there or comes in our room.

I’m beat so getting to bed at 9:30 actually sounds magical. I’m off to sleep goodnight all.


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