Day 290 – It’s Coffee Time!

So good news on the sick wife front. She seemed to be feeling back to herself yesterday, and though we’re thinking it is a gall bladder issue, it seems to come in phases. It hits pretty rough for a few days, and then starts to fade away a bit. It’s still probably an issue that she is going to have to get looked at and resolved to prevent future “attacks”, but I’m glad she’s feeling better.

I’m up with the kids, showered and ready for the day. It officially feels like a fall day outside. There are leaves on the ground, it’s chilly and I’m sitting right by a pumpkin pie/harvest spice candle.

coffee and blogging

I bought some creme brule coffee creamer yesterday, because I really like the creme brule Frnappuccinos from Starbucks during the holidays. This creamer does not seem to do that justice, and I’m not sure if I really like it. I’m normally a hazelnut coffee guy, so it kind of dampens he coffee drinking experience.

I think I’m going to need to buy some new jeans soon. I have the issue where I seem to tear holes in the crotch. At first I thought it was because I bought my jeans too tight, but I actually went up in both waist and length and I’m still seeing the crotch start to tear. I can only assume the only logical explanation is that I have a monstrously HUGE……nose. That’s the only other reason. Jen is off this weekend as well so maybe we can make a trip to JCPenney to see if I can find some new jeans. I also want to look for some flannel shirts.

I don’t have much else to report. I think the kids and I are going to watch Big Hero 6 until Jen gets up. Ricky actually wanted to watch it, so we’ll see if he stays with it. Have a great saturday all!


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