Day 292 – The Weight on My Back

Holy cow am I sore in my neck and my back. Yesterday while we were out at the flea market, I carried Ricky around on my back in this little holder. It’s something he is probably too big for, but he wasn’t in the mood for walking anymore. Because of this, I am super tight and sore in my neck and back, it’s almost kind of giving me a headache. Outside of that though, today has been good so far.

It’s kind of funny, every Monday I come in I feel like I will have forgotten everything I picked up the week before. I had the same feeling for a while when I was on the Tier 1 team. It normally doesn’t happen, and the two days off isn’t enough to erase my memory, but I still have that anxiety nonetheless.

Amelia and Ricky were both a bit of a pain last night in the bed department. So much so that I ended up taking Amelia in to Ricky’s bed and sleeping in there. She slept better, but it was still like 2 a.m. when I had to do it, and that is always a pain. That bed may be a small contribution to my neck/back hurting as well.

Good news of the day is that Jen is off work for the next few days. She’s watching her cousin’s kids, but just until like 3. It’s always awesome seeing her when I get off. I don’t mind her working, but I just enjoy spending time with her and the kids.

So I hope you all are having a good Monday so far. 4-hours left of work for me. I think I’ll listen to the newest episode of the Nerdist podcast on my drive home, but we’ll see.

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