Day 294 – Another Day Off

It has been a busy day so far here at work. I am off in about an hour and a half, and I’m looking forward to being off tomorrow. Ricky’s field trip to the pumpkin patch is tomorrow so I’m taking the day off so I can take him and Amelia. I’m hoping it doesn’t rain.

Amelia was up off and on last night coughing. She either has gnarly allergies, or she is fighting off another cold. To make this morning even better; our dog Biscuit apparently must not be feeling well because he had two HUGE accidents waiting for us, luckily on the hard floor. It still was not pleasant to clean up, but I’m hoping he is feeling better. He is normally really good about not having accidents in the house, and the fact that this happened over night, must mean he wasn’t feeling too well.

I am now heading to bed as everyone is asleep. Ready for a fun day with the kiddos. 

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