Day 297 – Making Strides

So it’s almost 5 a.m. and I realized I did not write a blog before going to bed last night. It was a pretty busy day that started at a bout 6 a.m. I met much of my family in Forest Park for the breast cancer walk called “Making Strides.” My sister-in-law Kathy has been fighting the battle of breast cancer, and it’s pretty amazing to see how strong she has been through the whole thing. The least we can do as her family is support her in anyway we can. It was a blast and there was a great turnout.

After the walk I got back with the kiddos and hangout for a bit. I finally got around to watching Jurassic World. It wasn’t the greatest movie in the world, but it was alright. I didn’t regret spending an hour and a half of my time watching it.

Around 6 p.m. the kids and I went over to my sister Casey’s house to spend more time with my family. My sister Dawn made a surprise visit from North Carolina, so since she is only here for the weekend, we all try to get together to hangout. It was a blast, and I think the kids had a great time.

Overall it was a good day. The kids and I were probably pretty worn out, but it was well worth it. Like I said, it’s now almost 5 a.m. and I think I’m going to put some coffee on and start my day. Maybe I’ll put my headphones on and try to listen to some music and clean up a bit. We shall see what happens. I’ll write a new blog later tonight as well.


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