Day 302 – Making Some Eliminations

I’m feeling a lot of motivation today for when I get off of work. Jen is off, and it’s not gloomy and rainy out. Last night our schedule was pretty booked with Ricky’s trunk-or-treat, and when we got home we couldn’t really tackle any huge tasks, so we carved pumpkins. Today I feel like making some crazy progress in an area we have been wanting to for some time. We have this big entertainment center in our living room that takes up most of the side wall. We have the television mounted and the couches facing it. It pretty much makes the gap between the living room and kitchen pretty minimal. I want to change that.

What Jen and I have been talking about is getting rid of the entertainment center and getting some kind of corner thing to put the tv on, or we could always mount the television again. My immediate, quick fix idea, is to just disassemble the entertainment center, and use the base of it in the corner. The television will sit on it’s stand and we will free up that whole area. My only concern right now is the length of the base and whether it’s going to case a huge gap behind it. I won’t know until I try it, but I think it will make the living room feel much larger.

Another thing I want to do is get rid of this long couch/chair thing we have next to our couch. This thing essentially is used by our dog Biscuit as a bed and a platform for the kids to climb up in the window. If I can get that at least in the garage, then the living room is really going to open up.

I also think this is going to eliminate some of the messes we constantly have. Having more floor and not so much space for things to go under I think will help.

We’ll see if Jen is up for tackling the project tonight. I think doing that and cleaning up the kitchen will just re-establish some pride in the living room. Right now it just feels like space that isn’t the kitchen, and it’s kind of just a interior decorating nightmare. It just looks like we through the room together. I want it to feel a little more structured and organized, and I think eliminating the entertainment center will help greatly.

So if I decide to go about doing this, then I’ll post a before/after photo. Hopefully we can do it, I just have to get Jen on board to taking it on tonight.


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