Day 308 – A Hard Time Writing

I don’t know what it is as of late, but I am having a really hard time coming up with material to write about. I’m not sure if I’m just waiting to late to write, or if the days are just blurring together. I just feel like my blogs are just kind of “there.”

I’m trying to kill the last 18 minutes of work before I go home. I have the WFT with Marc Maron where he had a conversation with Robin Williams about a year or so before his death. It’s an interesting conversation, and it is much more revealing than an interview on a talk show. If you have not listened to it before, then I would recommend checking it out on YouTube.

I’m not certain if Jen has to work tonight or not, I am assuming she does, but it’d be nice if she was off. I don’t have anything planned, but it’s nice spending the evening with her and the kids.

I ordered a Bluetooth speaker off of Amazon a few days ago as part of a flash sale. It’s not a huge speaker, and it’s nothing fancy, but it was on sale for about $22, when it was originally about $80. It’s just going to be something nice that I can play music through without having to have my phone connected via an auxiliary cable. I’ll let you know what I think of it if I remember.

I need to stop yawning, sheesh. I guess I’ll wrap this blog up. I have about 13 minutes left so I didn’t kill a ton of time, but at least some time. Have a great evening all.


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