Day 315 – Corporate Mannequin

When I was at work yesterday I received an email from Netflix suggesting a documentary that was added called Dear Jack. It’s a documentary about the singer of Jack’s Mannequin Andrew McMahon’s battle with Leukemia.

I ended up throwing it on last night while I was hanging out with the kids, and right away my mind was blown. I never made the connection that he was also the singer in the band Something Corporate. It completely makes sense now, but I was baffled how I never made that connection to begin with.

The documentary itself was really interesting because Andrew attempted to document as much as the treatment process as he could. He starts off pretty positive where he is just beginning to start treatment, and you see his transformation of the hair loss, weight loss and how he deals with hardships of going through chemo therapy and treatments.

Documentary - Dear Jack

When I finished watching it I of course wanted to listen to the album Everything in Transit, and I actually turned it on while I was getting the kids to bed.

If you are  a fan of documentaries, or the bands then I would highly recommend checking it out. You really see how hard it is to battle cancer and how he had good days and really bad days, and you really feel for the guy. It’s on Netflix, and again it’s called Dear Jack. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

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