Day 322 -A Needed Adjustment

I’m hanging out here in the basement with the kiddos as they are playing with each other. It’s really fun watching Ricky entertain Amelia. She really looks up to him and gets such a kick out of how he plays with her.

It’s my weekend, and I’m preparing to make a trip to Kansas City to visit my great good friend Tippin. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen him, so it will be a blast to catch up. I’m pretty sure we’re going to re-enact the Rousey/Holm fight. We’ll flip on who gets to get knocked the f*** out.

On a different note, I think I really need to get to see a chiropractor. Jen saw one not too long ago when her back was bothering her, and I think she would do some good if I could get in for an adjustment. My back just feels super tight, especially my upper back. Kind of almost makes me feel like I’m not fulling breathing just below my ribs. Not a pain, but I just feel like maybe there’s a lot that could be made right.

It’s just after 8 p.m. and I probably need to get the kiddos in for a quick bath. Amelia wore much of the pasta she had for dinner tonight, so it probably would be a good idea to get her in shape.

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