Day 323 – Preparing to leave for KC

I’m sitting here watching Frozen with the kiddos who have both been a fussy mess so far. Amelia was up at about 7:00 while Rickyvrose around 8. I also have a giant dog laying on my thinking he’s a lap dog.

I’m getting set to head to KC this weekend to visit Tippin. I need to pack a few things, but I bought a new book bag last night which I’ll use for work so I’ll probably use that to load up what I need.

I have felt a little off this morning, and I’m hoping it’s just my head playing tricks with me and that I’m just paranoid about being sick and not actually getting sick. As I lay here now I think I’m just tired so I think I’ll be good.

This blog is actually for Thursday. Yesterday was so busy that I just completely forgot to write something so I’ll write another tonight. Here’s to a safe trip to KC.


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