Day 331 -A Workout Assistant

It’s another two blog day today as I didn’t write one last night. I thought about it, but then I totally got side tracked.

It’s a chilly morning today, and the house was a bit cool waking up. Amelia woke up with her eye looking so much better. She had previously been waking up with her eye looking like it was sealed shut. Those eye drops we got for her are really doing the trick.

Not much planned for today. Jen works most of the day, and I’ll be hanging wit the kiddos. Jen’s mom will be unloading her storage unit she has up here so she does not have to be paying for it anymore. She’s living in Summersville so there isn’t much reason to have the unit anymore.

I ordered a supplement off of an Amazon to help me with working out and energy. It’s probably way more hardcore, but it’s also something that will help get better results providing I actually do it. I read in to a  lot of the reviews on it to make sure it wasn’t something I’m randomly getting, and the reviews have praised it from new and veteran fitness people alike. My mindset is, if I’m going to take this, then my butt better be working out so I can see some results. I’m really planning on getting up early before work (until we get a membership at Club Fitness and working out before my shift. There isn’t anybody there, and I know I can get a decent workout. It’s just the getting up part.

That’s about all going on here as Amelia is finishing her breakfast and needing her butt changed. Have a good Saturday all.


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