Day 336 – 14% Quick Blog!

I just finished giving the kiddos a bath, and now I’m writing a quick blog before trying to get them to bed. Amelia has been yawning something fierce tonight, so I’m hoping she crashes well. Once both kids go down, then I’ll get up (hopefully) and clean the kitchen/living room a bit. I have my 16 FL OZ Red Bull here to make me regret drinking it. It shall be fun.

Today was a pretty good day, nothing too crazy. It is my weekend, though not fully as I’m picking up 12 hours at work on Saturday. Ricky has preschool tomorrow. My plan is to let Jen sleep in and I’ll take him and Amelia. I’m also kind of thinking about stopping by the Gym and trying Amelia out at the daycare while I maybe workout a bit. I have to JUST DO IT or else I’m never going to go.


My laptop is down to about 13% so I can’t go too crazy with this blog. I don’t have much else to say, but I’m hoping the next few days off are productive in some form.  I need to get back to doing YouTube tutorials. I have brought in more in the month of November than I ever have, and I reached the $100 threshold, which means I get paid for the month.

Alright, time to get the kids to bed, I was really just trying to hold out until 9 p.m. Have a great evening everyone.




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