Day 337 -It is Time to Coffee

It’s about 10 to 7am and I’m not sure what I’m doing up, but here I am. Maybe I went to bed at a decent time last night, and when you mix that with my work schedule, my body may just be inclined to getting up earlier.

I didn’t write a blog last night, so just catching up real fast before I go make a cup of coffee.

I did not make much progress on the christmas decorations idea. I had strong motivation going for a bit, but it gradually decreased and once I had to go get Ricky from preschool, it was all but gone. Not a huge deal, but thought I was going to get it taken care of.

Today, Jen and I are both off of work again, so maybe we’ll do something with the kids, or maybe we will proceed in trying to get christmas stuff up. Not really sure, but just going to enjoy the day with them.

I hooked our Keurig coffee maker back up, and though there are some individuals who feel that’s not real coffee (probably right) it’s all we got ok! haha Tippin, if you read this, let me know how and what you use to make your coffee, I hear it’s pretty solid.

Alright, well I’m going to get the day started, everyone is sleeping so we’ll see what I find to do. Have a great Friday all!

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