Day 347 – Getting to 365 Blogs

I realized that I am less than 20 blogs away from reaching my goal of 365 blogs. I started this, I believe on January 1st in hopes to write a blog every day for a year. NOW, I am well aware I have faulted numerous times, but I have always made sure to get caught up to stay on pace. When I first started a “blog challenge” it was to blog at least once a week, which felt like an extreme challenge, but it has now become routine, and I think about writing a blog on a daily basis.

I’m still uncertain what my next challenge or goal will be at the end of this year. I am kind of split that I have gone this long blogging consistently that I should keep it up. With that though, I definitely feel the urge to follow a quality over quantity type of thing. My blogs definitely don’t feel like they hold much substance, and most of the time it’s just a brief and vague recap of the day. I want my blogs to be a little more meaningful.

I’ll have to think how I want to approach that. I also have a desire to start a bit of a niche blog. I want to maybe start a blog that focuses on a single topic, and write on that. The hardest part with that is deciding what I want to cover. We’ll see what I figure out, but I’m just happy that I have accomplished another “Internet” goal of mine.

Stay tuned to find out what is next! Now back to your regularly scheduled reruns of Melrose Place.

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