Day 351 -Stay Away Bearded Man

So tonight we attempted to get the kids picture taken with Santa Clause. We originally went to Bass Pro Shop, but when we saw the line for it extended pass the initial start point and through a couple of aisles, we thought maybe the mall would be less of a wait.

We were definitely right, but Amelia was not having any part of it. After waiting about 30 minutes, which wasn’t too bad, we finally made it up to Santa. Ricky was set to go, he told him what he wanted and sat right down complete with a non-cheesy smile. Amelia…..well Amelia lost it, especially when Jen sat her down and stepped to the side. She immediately thought Jen was leaving her, and she lost her mind. So we now have a great photo of Ricky feeling nice, and Amelia wishing the bearded man would go far far away.


Outside of that though, the day has been pretty good. And we even joked that, you gotta have “that” photo at some point, so we weren’t mad that Amelia was crying, and I’m sure the mall gets more of those photos, then everyone smiling.

Not too much else going on, it’s about 1:30 a.m. and both kids and the wife are out. I think I may hop in the shower right quick, just because, and then head to bed myself. There are no real plans tomorrow. Jen works until 2 p.m., but otherwise it’ll just be the kids and I hanging out. We’ll see what kind of trouble we can get in to. Have a great Friday all. One week until Christmas!

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