Day 361 – Onwards to 2016

So all of the Christmas festivities are over and it’s back to normal life for the most part. We still the the new year to ring in, but that is normally pretty low key around these parts.

I’m sitting down on the couch while Jen and I tag team duties. I have Ricky down here (already passed out) and she has the heathen up in our bed trying to get her to sleep. I may have to go up and assist her now that Ricky is in bed. She took a pretty solid (late) nap tonight so we may have set ourselves up. We shall see.

The next big debate around the house is determining when the Christmas decorations should come down. It will probably happen sometime later this week on my days off. I’ll be excited to have the little bit of living room back when the Christmas tree is gone, but it sure looks pretty.

Not a whole lot else to report really. I can hear Amelia chattering away upstairs so I think I’m going to go lay down the law. And by that, I mean do the same thing Jen is and totally get owned by our 16-month old daughter.

I hope you all had a great holiday and get back to work ok. Goodnight all!


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