Day 364 – Last Call for Blogs

Folks, holy crap, it just hit me. This is my second to last blog until I complete my challenge of blogging everyday. I will write a blog tomorrow, and I will have (sort of) written a blog everyday for a year. That’s kind of exciting, but also seems like it has gone by fast. I still have no idea what is in store for my online world, but this is kind of exciting to me.

I’m currently sitting on my lunch at work. Apparently we have been supposedly needing to take 30-minute lunches each day instead of leaving/arriving a half-hour later. Not a big deal to me, and I kind of like the opportunity to step away for a few minutes. When I first started on Tier 1 we would get lunches, but I was so nervous about what I was doing daily that I didn’t really enjoy them. These days it feels a little more relaxed.

It is my Friday, and I don’t really have anything planned for my weekend. New Years Eve is tomorrow, and it’ll be a low key one I’m sure. I do think we need to invest in some sparkling cider. Jen needs to have her a nice glass of wine or something though. I want to bring in the new year with her as best as possible. Maybe we can get the kids to bed early and just enjoy the countdown together. We will see.

Last night was a much better night for Amelia. She actually slept all the way though the night, which she has before, but compared to the night before where she was losing her mind, it was a welcomed break.

Not too much else to report, I have about 20 more minutes left on my lunch, so I’m just going to sit here and hangout. The morning has gone by pretty fast. Now, I just hope 12-4:30 goes by fast. Jen is off of work tonight so I can’t wait to spend time with her and the kids. Those are the things that are the highlights of my week!


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