Day 365 – Achievement Unlocked

Well folks, I have done it. It may have not been the most graceful, but i was able to maintain and write a blog everyday for a solid year. That’s 365 whopping blogs over the course of 2015.

My next challenge is deciding what goal I want to accomplish for 2016. I could continue to write a blog everyday, but I feel like it’s a double-edged sword.

For one, the idea of blogging everyday and maintaining this blog seems awesome. On the other end of that is the fact that the more I blog, the less I really have to say. I don’t live an extremely exciting life that warrants a blog everyday. I guess I have a day to figure it out.

I was thinking today that maybe with my new Apple Watch, I’ll try and make some YouTube tutorials with that. I am up to a whopping 603 subscribers on YouTube, and I’m disappointed I was not on Forbes’s list of highest paid YouTubers. I made like $100 this month. Jerks.

So anyway, I have done it. A year of blogging, and it’s funny how it became habit. I thought about blogging everyday, and it automatically registered in my brain as something I needed to do. That is kind of why I think I’ll keep doing it.

Finally, thank you all who have read one of my blogs this year. 2015 has had ups and downs just like everyone else. I’m sure 2016 will too, but with a new year, brings a new sense of starting over or resetting things. I know you can do this anytime, but the idea of the first day of the year helps with that.

I hope you all had a great 2015, and have an ever better 2016. If I continue to blog, then I hope I can provide you at least a little entertainment. Now I must get back to Frozen, “Let It Go” is about to come on. Goodbye 2015!


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