Goals for 2016

Here we are, officially in the year 2016. I have completed my year long goal of blogging everyday. It left me then to wonder, what shall I do next with my blog. Do I continue writing every day or should I write more when I feel the urge? I decided the latter fits more to my liking. It’s kind of a decision I had to figure out pretty quick. If I was going to try and blog every day, then I have to start today, but I just feel like I don’t write very intriguing stuff when I write everyday.


So, my blog will now consist of posts of what I feel like writing about. Most of the blogs will probably consist of what is going on in my life, but some may vary in regards to topics I feel like writing about.

So here we go, the first blog of the new year.

I know writing resolutions for a new year is cliche, but it’s something I always enjoyed doing. When you hit a new year, you have a brand new motivation or starting fresh, and inspiration is a little easier to come by. You can track new habits easier, and I’m hoping that will be the case. So below is my list of any goals I want to complete for 2016. I hope you enjoy them, and if you have a resolution blog of your own, then share it with me. I’d love to give yours a peek too.

Goals for 2016

  • Become a regular YouTuber (Upload once a week at least)
  • Save money far better
  • Get in a routine of going to the gym
  • Put on muscle
  • Develop a cleaning routine for the house
  • Read a book a month
  • Improve skills that revolve around the career I strive to be in
  • Take my wife on dates more often
  • Do little things for my wife that show her how much she means to me
  • Get outdoors more (when the weather is nicer)
  • Create interesting blogs (not just filler content)
  • Develop a niche blog
  • Update my wardrobe (way too many black shirts + dog hair = bad combo)
  • Build a workbench in my garage (after cleaning the hell out of it)
  • Get rid of clothes and catch up on all laundry so a routine can be developed
  • Decorate the house with more pictures and other items

This is a long list, but probably not a strong list of things I 100% want to complete. These are just things I know I’ve been wanting to do, and with the new year beginning I want to get a handle of something. This also kind of maybe give some a checklist to go off of when I begin to prioritize things that are more important than others.

do it right.jpg

So there we are. The first blog of the new year. I hope most of my blogs are like this, compared to my others that were very short and kind of pointless. By not blogging everyday, I allow myself some time to brainstorm some blog topics.

I think my blog is going to get better in 2016, and I appreciate those who continue to read my writings. I really do appreciate it, and here is to 2016!




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