Internet Goals for 2016

I spend way too much time hoping for success on the Internet. The only problem with hoping for something, is that if you don’t actually work to obtain it, then it probably won’t happen. With 2016 now fully underway, I’ve gotten an new motivation to take some time away from my blogging challenges, and focus more on building a following on other social formats.


For starters, I really want to build my Youtube audience. It is the only place online where I actually am seeing a consistent income, albeit it small, but still something. I am earning that income without actually doing anything new. I want to build on what momentum I have going from previous videos, and build on them.

Though I have’t stated it as a “challenge”, I am hoping to at least release one Youtube video a week. If I can create more, than great, but my main goal is at least one. On top off that, I want to produce more video blogs. I find the people that are most interesting on Youtube, are those who don’t necessarily provide a service to folks but are actually just letting you know them better. If I can pick one thing a week to kind of “showcase” and record it, then I think it will help with my goal. I’m not saying I’m going to be creating crazy videos like skydiving or boxing Mike Tyson, but I can probably make something somewhat interesting.

The main focus here is to develop a big of a “series” on Youtube that people will look forward to, or a least consistently see if they subscribe to my channel. I figured with my success blogging, I should move on to something more challenging, and also something I really would enjoy more. It may come down to where my videos get 7 views, ever. If that’s the case, then at least I tried, and I still want to do tutorials, which has been my “bread and butter” on my Youtube channel. So below is my first video blog I made, and I hope to make more and release at least one a week.


Another area I want to focus on is my following on Twitter. Maybe saying my following is not actually what I want. I want to consistently post there too, in hopes of building my following. I am so sporadic with posting, but when I do make meaningful Tweets on a regular basis, I do see a little bit of growth. If I could do that on a regular basis, all the time, then who knows. It’s hard to earn somebody’s follow, and this is not as much of a priority as the YouTube thing, but it’s still a goal I want.


Though my focus is going to stray a bit from blogging, it is still a priority, and something I hope when done, will hold a little more content than just what I did that day. My blog also will be the place for my YouTube videos to be shared. I definitely will not be blogging every day, but I think my blog needs to not feel pressured to have content on it every day. If I’m going to produce some sort of “news” type site, then I will develop a new brand for that, but I still need a niche idea for that. This is just my personal blog, and will house my personal things.

So that is what I’m hoping to accomplish a bit for 2016. They aren’t specific goals, but even I need to draw those out a little bit more. I also want you all to know that, if/when I win the 800 million dollar jackpot, then I will still be doing videos, but they will just be from a helicopter. Have a great night all.

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