Chewie, prepare Parenting for the Jump to Light Speed

Today our son Ricky turns four years old, which is the only explanation for why it’s five a.m. and I have already showered and drinking a cup of coffee. That, or possibly I was kicked out of my bed by the birthday boy and his sister. One of the two if not both is pretty likely.




You know when people say that time flies when you’re a parent? Give those folks an award, because there is no truer statement than that. I’m four years in to this parenting thing, and it blows my mind how time shows no mercy to the ability to take in every moment you have with your kids. Regardless of how much you want them to stay young, they will grow and grow, and at a much faster pace I think as times goes by. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, but somebody is messing with the time clock.

The single most important thing that I have learned in my four years of being a dad, which still qualifies me as an amateur to many, is that you HAVE to learn as you go. You can read all of the books, and you can watch all of the episodes of  Full House, but you still are going to feel like you’re going in blind. It’s terrifying and amazing at the same time.


How do kids learn to talk? How do kids learn to climb on a table, how do kids learn to own the hell out of an Xbox One game before turning four? I have no idea, but kids learn, and I like to think that somehow, someway, I have influenced that. For better or for worse, I’m guiding my kids to learn things, but you never really know how to go about doing it.

Ricky and Amelia are my proudest accomplishments in the fact that, you gain no better feeling than seeing your kids do something awesome. For me, they’re still small things, but they’re things they had never done in their days before them. You can’t ask for a better feeling, and those without kids, don’t even know the level of love and pride you feeling like that of feeling it towards your kids.

So, Happy Birthday Ricky man, you are my partner in crime, you are my inspiration, my drive, and the one who can make me laugh. You are the reason your mom and I look at each other daily and say “uh he didn’t learn that from me” knowingly whole heartedly that we are both probably guilty of whatever crazy phrase you just spit out.

You are the reason for who your mom and I have become, and who we will continue to grow to be. You and your sister are now a team, but you got the ball rolling, and taught us so much. You are the reason that a guy who slept in until one in the afternoon when living with his parents, now will wake up at four-thirty in the morning to blow up balloons to put in your bedroom, just to see the look on your face.

Being a dad rules. Being a dad to two amazing kids, is the best gift in the world, and on this special day of yours Ricky, I hope you realize that nothing would ever change or make me regret how my life is turned out. You, your sister and mom are my everything, and I can’t wait to watch you continue to grow.


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