A Letter to my Wife Jen

So I know this is probably the corniest of corny for those who are not my wife, and it’s Valentine’s Day, and all of that hodge podge, but I haven’t written a blog here for a few weeks, and also, I want my wife to know how much I appreciate her in a little more detail, than just a morning text wishing her a happy Valentine’s day while I’m at work. I wanted this to be a little more meaningful, so here we go, an open letter to my wife Jen on this Valentine’s Day.

Dear Jen,

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I am sitting here at work, while you and the kids are hopefully still sleeping. It’s a day that will probably feel like most others, but one I hope we will celebrate later on in the week.

First and foremost, let me say Thank you. Thank you for choosing me to be your partner in crime in this crazy life. Thank you for allowing me to be your husband, and putting up with me on days I’m stressed or tired. Thank you for keeping calm when the kids are throwing a fit, and my patience is running low. Thank you for not throwing my things out on the front lawn when I accidentally dry something that should only be washed, and then air dried. Thank you for showing me what a loving, caring and fun mother should be. I grew up with an amazing mom, but to see it from a different perspective as I watch you with the kids, opens my eyes to a whole new world, and the respect I have for you cannot be measured.

I often times think back to the first date we ever went on, which, outside of the nervousness I had then, would probably resemble one we went on today. We would have no idea where we’re going or what we were going to eat. I’d ask you what sounds good, and then we would probably end up eating at a place that is cheap (probably my choice not yours) sharing one of those 2 meals for $20 deals. We would probably people watch, and laugh as we enjoyed our food. Our conversation would vary, but would probably eventually hit the topic about how we need to find a way to have Ricky “keep his clothes on during the day.” Maybe we would go see a movie, or maybe we’d go walk around a park, but either way it would be me and you, and I’d love every moment of it.

I see people many times say how they enjoy being single, or enjoy life without kids and I feel bad for them. I’m sure it works for them, and I bet they are happy, but the amount of love and appreciation I have for the life I have now, I would not change for anything. You have given me two kids that have made me see what love really is, and you have been to me what most husbands would hope their wives are. A friend, a lover, a support system and a person who gives me the strength to know that at the end of the day, things will be great, because I get to see you and the kids every day.

When I look at my life before meeting you, I realize that everything leading up to that was the prelude to meeting you, and being happy, and giving me the ability to realize what I really wanted, and how good it feels to have that. Any ex-g/fs, any missteps or mistakes, were all chapters, that resulted in getting me to the moment I met you. Some can say it was god leading the way, and you know where I stand on that area, but I look at them as stepping stones to getting to the point in life where you are the most happy, than you ever have been, and your happiness only increases from that moment on.

No matter what work throws at me, no matter how crazy the kids are, or even when we get on each others’ nerves, at the end of the day, I think of life without you, and realize that is the worst thing that could ever happen. I realize that regardless of any disagreement we have (though normally petty stuff), it is completely mundane to the thought of not having you as my wife or in my life. I realize that no matter how right I think I may be on something, my pride can always be set aside to say, I love the hell out of you.

So thank you Jen for being there for me. For giving me a rich life, even if money is not flowing in like crazy and we don’t have 3 yachts. The most important things in life, only cost the amount of work you are willing to put in to it, and that’s where I’m rich. Thank you for becoming a Bumeter, and thank you for making this goofy, nerdy boy feel like he’s George Clooney, or maybe in your case like Bruno Mars or Channing Tatum, I’ll put on muscle I promise!

Jen Bumeter, I love you with everything I have, and I hope you realize the importance and the impact you have on my life not just on Valentine’s day, but every single day of the year.

Love always and forever,




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