A Better Me and Break from Facebook (It’s not you, It’s Me)

We are on the cusp of entering 2017, and I have felt like the last 6 months (if not more) have been a blur that has lacked any¬†production. I don’t write much, I feel like our house is constantly a mess and I feel like I’m not bettering myself as a human being/husband/father. I don’t think these areas that are in bad shape, but why not work to improve on them? I think evauluating yourself in different areas is important, but I don’t know that I’ve sat down and looked at it on different levels.

So I have some ideas of things I want to do to better myself as a human being, as a husband, as a father and also as the red Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger. Wait, let’s face it, I could not score anything more than being the blue ranger to be honest. Probably that lame kid version who drives the Jeep in that Turbo movie.

So below is a list of rambling ideas and “resolutions” (in no particular order) I want to take on for 2017, and some, start right away.


  1. Get the kids on a more consistent schedule (Lunch/Dinner/Bed)
  2. Less iPad/More Imagination
  3. Move away from letting them watch YouTube
  4. Start introducing basic “chores” to them
  5. Have them sleep in their own beds (this means clean up their rooms)
  6. Get them outdoors more (weather permitting)


  1. More Date Nights
  2. Improve my communication skills
  3. Be more affectionate
  4. Compliment and Cheer on more (she works her butt off)
  5. Be more spontaneous and have adventures
  6. Spend less time looking at my phone in bed, and more hanging with her
  7. Make her feel as beautiful to herself as I see her every day


  1. Drink more water – begin to ditch soda/energy drinks
  2. Eat healthier – eliminate fast foods
  3. “Dress to Impress” not that I have to impress anybody, but boosts self-esteem
  4. Begin blogging on a regular basis (Weekly)
  5. Get out more, enjoy “adventures”
  6. Tone up (maybe put on muscle) get rid of “dad weight”
  7. Budget money better
  8. Read more often
  9. Spend less time in the online world and more time in the real world (thus the Facebook break)
  10. Keep a clean house (this works for all 3 really)
  11. Take time to just sit in quiet for a few minutes every day
  12. Build more structure and schedule in my day-to-day life

The last year has made me feel a need for a much more minimalist lifestyle. It would be at a very beginning level, but I find the things that had major influence or interest before, now fall to the wayside behind just appreciating the important things in life. It may be a “welcome to 30” thing (8 months late) or just the changes that have come about the last year in my career and such, but I just feel like I want to embrace things that are more fulfilling.

So I think come morning I’ll move Facebook to deactivated and remove it from my phone and just enjoy the holiday season. Once the new years come, then I’ll evaluate things, but I remember not missing Facebook much the last time.

So I hope this is the lead in to many more blogs, and I appreciate if you’ve read this. What are some of the things you are working towards in 2017?

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