Vol 1., February 2017

I’m writing this right in the middle of one of those Full House lesson moments. The piano and violin are going strong on this one. I think DJ and Kimmie just had a fight because DJ forgot her birthday and threw her a short notice birthday party. I really didn’t need to go in to that much detail, but here we are. Bottom line is that they’re friends again, and they’re about to go to town on some “hash brown cake.”

We are in to February, and I really have no idea where January went. All I know is that we are already a month down in 2017 and my son Ricky is now five-year-old. He will start Kindergarten after this summer, and I’m still dreading his first day of school. He’s been going to pre-school for two years, but this will be different.

I spent the evening getting the kitchen picked up, and we will see how long it lasts. It always seems to go from clean to disaster in like two or three days. We’ll see how this go around ends up.

Quick shoutout to my best friend Tippin who got engage to his girlfriend Brooke recently. These two are amazing and I can honestly say that I don’t think Brooke will try to murder him at any point, not intentionally at least. Super happy for those two and was honored to be asked to be his best man.


Music all over the place

I absolutely lover Apple Music and any other streaming service. It’s nice to be able to just listen to whatever song that pops in my head, but it’s even better having direct access to new music. I kind of keep my eyes out for new music recommendations and in the last few days I have found out about pianist Chilly Gonzales and the electronic group Sohn.

I learned about Chilly through an interview he did on The Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick. The dude is a genius when it comes to music theory and really provided some amazing insight in to music construction. He has worked with a lot of artists including Drake.

Sohn on the other hand comes from a recommendation from both Apple and Kevin Rose. As I’ve mentioned, this blog format stems a bit from Kevin Rose’s email newsletters and that was a group he mentioned. It just happen to be a recommendation on Apple Music as well. I listened to it on the way from work on Thursday and their new record really jams out.

St. Louis Football Club


Today it was announced that the city has approved funding to move forward with a proposal that could bring a Major League Soccer club to St. Louis. St. Louis submitted an expansion request to the MLS commissioner, and there is hope that St. Louis will be one of four expansion teams brought in to the league. St. Louis is one of the bigger soccer cities in the US, and Busch Stadium has hosted more than a few English Premiere League teams including Chelsea and Manchester City.


What really seems awesome about this is having a new beautiful stadium right by Union Station that would host the team. St. Louis does have a “minor league” football team, and one of the core owners of that is primarily involved with the MLS expansion process. I lived in Charlotte when they first go the Panthers, and it’d be fun having a team to cheer for at the very beginning of their history.

I’m ready for the weekend of having nothing planned, and I actually hope to catch some Manchester United soccer on Sunday. Obviously the Super Bowl is on Sunday and I think I’m more excited for the Stranger Things season 2 trailer than the game itself.

I hope you all have a great weekend, I think I’m going to throw some headphones on and lay in bed and take it easy.



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