Updated Header

So I’ve spent a total of a few hours working on the header image you see at the top of my page. Unfortunately, it only looks “kind of cool” when you view it on a laptop. I would have to pay for a WordPress subscription to be able to fully customize the HTML and such for mobile or tablets. It’s really annoying, but the overall header I’m kind of proud of.

I’ll post the full image below in case you are pulling this blog up from your Nokia 6510 and you can’t see the full image. It’s nearing midnight, and the work week is not going to come any slower, so I need to probably go to sleep.

I’d love some feedback on the header. It is essentially just a variation of stuff I really like in some way or another. I may add to it, to try and put some not so obvious references in it, but that will come for another day. There may be one not so obvious reference, but even that you could probably figure out. Good night, and here’s to hoping this is just a small spark of motivation to continue making this blog look less hanky.

Wordpress Background 2


4 Replies to “Updated Header”

  1. Beautifully done. I kind of like the first one best; it is more symmetrical.

    Each item/component provokes interest, and the colors you have chosen are pleasing to the eye. I enjoy seeing art like this.

    Compliments from Sweet Nan


    1. Thanks Sweet Nan, this is probably a project I was most particular about as I don’t consider myself skilled in graphic design or photoshop. I was kind of testing and learning as I go. I added more to it as I felt the big gap and my name on the screen kind of drove me nuts. I think I still look and see changes I can make, but definitely appreciate your feedback 🙂

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