I Should Jot Down Some Words

Hello one and all and welcome to the start of this Memorial Weekend. Even though I’m about to be at my new position at work for a year, I still haven’t gotten used to the fact that I get holidays off. For almost 7 years I normally had to volunteer for certain holidays so getting to enjoy the three day week will be nice.

I’m sitting in my basement rediscovering the greatness from Fort Minor that is, The Rise Tide. It is such a good album, and it’s one that was on frequent play during my college years. There are a few albums from those years of my life that deserve a listen.

  • LostProphets – Liberation Transmission*
  • Sugarcult – Palm Trees and Power Lines
  • Yellowcard – Lights and Sounds
  • Funeral for a Friend – Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation

* Feel bad cause the lead singer turned out to be a douche pedophile

I’ve decided to just sit down and do some writing on here. I really need to set myself into a schedule for writing. The fact that I went a year writing a blog every day (for the most part), it’s baffling that I have a hard time writing even once a week or even a month. I guess motivation is a hell of a drug.

I’m thinking about sitting down and watching a movie after writing this blog. I kind of have two movies in mind, Arrival and Beauty and the Beast so the debate will begin soon on which one I decide to sit down and check out. Arrival seems like it’d be a more fulfilling movie and I’ve heard it’s awesome. Beauty and the Beast will probably be one to check out with the wife or kids.

I hope you all have an amazing Memorial Day weekend, get out and do some grilling if the weather permits, and just enjoy it. I am going to try and do the same. So long for now. Until next time, here’s a picture of some kind of monkey.





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