Hey June

I thought I’d take a quick break from the day and write a quick little blog here.

I managed to lock myself out of the house this evening after work. I forgot my backup set of keys, which I am currently using, does not have a house key on it. When I locked the house this morning when leaving for work, I was doomed. It wasn’t a huge deal because it was nice out and Jen got home a little while later, but Lola and Biscuit (our dogs) were not pleased seeing me outside waiting. Jen is at Wal-Mart as we speak getting a copy of the key made for me.

While she’s at Wal-Mart I also put the pressure on her to look at French Press coffee makers. Are they still called coffee makers? Should I just leave it at French Press? Who knows, either way I’m thinking we may start getting out of the Keurig business and aim for something that I hear tastes better, but also doesn’t murder the environment. Oh, the money saving thing also has a bit of appeal. I am having her look at the Bodum French Press, and it seemed to have pretty good reviews.


I guess if we go that route, then we’ll have to either get up a little earlier to boil some water or possibly also pick up an automatic kettle. I don’t mind heating the water on the stove, but if we are running late, then it could be costly. I guess that’s what drive-thru coffee places are for though right?

In other news, we have entered June and I’m still not sure where 2017 has gone. We’re already halfway through the year, and just a few months my son Ricky will be starting kindergarten. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess. It will be Christmas time before we know it.

I hope you all have had a good shortened week with Monday being the holiday, and I am looking forward to the weekend. At some point Jen and I need to do some “spring cleaning.” There are a lot of items that need to be donated or sold or whatever just to declutter. I will be excited for the day that we have a bit of organization to our lives, but at the very worst that can be our 2018 new year’s resolution right? RIP Kathy Griffin’s NYE shenanigans with Anderson Cooper.

Have a great day all!


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