Up Too Early

I’m not sure what kind of event warranted my body wanting to wake up at 6:30am, but here I am and the coffee has been made so we’re starting the day. I give it about an hour before one of the kiddos begin to stir, and the day will officially begin.

Not a whole lot planned for this weekend outside of a birthday party for Jen’s friend’s little guy and then it’s Father’s Day Sunday. I kind of want to watch Money in the Bank with Ricky on Sunday evening as all of his favorite guys are in the ladder match, but we’ll see if he wants to watch it or not.

It looks like it rained overnight which makes me regret even more that I did not mow when I had the chance. Hopefully I can get a spot of dry days coming up to get out there and do it. The higher it gets, then the harder time the mower has of getting it mowed without kicking off every two seconds.


Another project I’ve been cautiously debating is re-arranging our basement a bit, and more specifically, moving the location of my desk. I kind of want to move it to the opposite side of the basement so part of it does not press up against the wall. I’d really like to get back in to the swing of making YouTube videos, and this would give me a better angle to do that by sitting behind the desk while facing the camera instead of trying to find an awkward angle to face how it is now. My concern is it may take up an excessive amount of room, but right now there are just toys on the floor so it’s not really crucial space.

The fun part will be moving all of the figures off of it and then placing them back on without anything coming apart or pieces getting lost (I’m looking at you Gundam figures). I really need to get some kind of display case for some of the stuff, but there’ a lot of cleaning and organizing that needs to be done for that to happen. I guess shelves could be an option too. I want to turn the basement into a cool pop-culture styled room with some cool art and figures on display.


Alrighty folks, I’m going to finish up my coffee and get this day rollin’. I hope you have a great Saturday and an even better Father’s Day! I know I’m pretty lucky to have such an awesome dad and father-in-law.



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