And the Week Begins

The work week is just getting going here and I’m spending my work from home day at Starbucks working, listening to Apple Music and cashing in on the Pokestop that is at Starbucks. I’ve needed to replenish my Pokeballs. I don’t know too many more folks who still play. My wife will every once in a while, but I still frequent the game. It’s the only game I’ve been able to consistently play without losing too much interest.

Last week was a busy week complete with fun but also major concern. Jen’s dad had a minor stroke on Wednesday and it definitely had us all worried. Luckily he was at a chiropractic appointment when it hit and the staff there were quick to respond and get him to the hospital. It’s incredible how quickly he bounced back with almost zero side effects, and I’m sure that’s attributed to the way he takes care of himself. I commend Jen and her brother Eric with how they handled the whole situation, though I know it had to have scared the hell out of them.

We got to spend yesterday afternoon at my sister Andrea’s house swimming and visiting with a lot of my siblings and my niece Sidney who is in town from North Carolina. Ricky absolutely loved the pool, and he probably spent the most time in it of anybody. We’d look over, and he’d just be chilling there taking it all in. It was actually a little chilly outside so it felt better to just stay should deep in the water. I don’t know if it was the son or just getting up at 7:30am that day, but I don’t think I’ve fallen asleep that fast in a long time. We all went right to sleep. One of the few times when the kids are asking Jen and I if they can go to bed.

I don’t think we have anything planned for this upcoming weekend, so we may try and get some stuff around the house. Jen wants to make some changes to Ricky’s room which will mean getting some furniture moved out of there, but we shall see. I know she also mentioned painting which I’m not looking forward too, but his room is pretty basic so probably won’t really be too tough, probably more of me just being lazy.

I hope you all have had a great start to the week so far!



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