Bring On The Zombie Invasion!

So I was over at my Brother’s new apartment last night, and he showed me this book he was reading. It is called “The Zombie Survival Guide.” It’s basically a full-on explanation and guide for what to do “when” the zombies rise. It’s a very humorous book because there is not a single moment where this book is not serious. I mean, obviously, it’s a funny book, but the author, does a good job of sticking to a realistic chance of this happening, the whole time. I downloaded the book on tape cause I don’t have a whole lot of patience to sit down and read it. It’s good though so far I recommend picking it up.

I’m going to go to Old Navy today, maybe pick me out a few new tshirts, I have found I have really nothing but black colored tshirts, that gets old. So I may get some new colors, I have no white shirts so maybe that’s a color I’m aiming towards.

Tonight is game 2 of the Blues’ playoff series against Vancouver. They trail one game to none right now, but they’ve been really good about bouncing back after a loss. T.J. Oshie, Patrick Berglund and David Perron, also known as the “kid line” is quite amazing, great future for the Blues, that’s for sure!

I bought some new roller blades the other day, and I’ve had to pace myself with using them because they’ve been killing my ankles. Or maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t roller bladed in a long time, so my ankles aren’t used to it. Add to that, I was wearing no show socks, not a good idea as I now have scabs on both sides of my ankles. I can’t wait though until my ankles are healed and I can just skate for exercise and to shoot the hockey puck.

It is a nice day in St. Louis today, I am sporting a sleeveless shirt, shorts and sandals, can’t get much better than that, I hope we are getting passed the cold weather. I’m extremely tired of it, and I hate wearing a jacket or hoodie many times.

Well that’s all for now, I’m off so I hope everybody enjoys this great day, and if it’s cold where you are, you have my utmost pity.