Day 222 – A Date With my Headphones

I’m not going to have a whole lot to say with this blog as I’m just trying to get it knocked out here before I go lay up in bed. It’s almost 2 a.m. and I decided to play a little baseball on PS4 before bed. I’m still impressed at how good MLB 15: The Show is. I especially enjoy it when I haven’t played it for a while. It is such a blast.

I begin my “weekend” and get ready to meet with Shane tomorrow for episode 100 of the Rock Paper Podcast. I’m super excited to hang out with him again and do a show. I think it’s going to be a good one.

I’m meeting with my dad on Wednesday to talk to him about some stuff that has been stressing me out. Much of it financially driven, and I’m excited to get his input. I still have in the back of my head, the idea to do a podcast with my dad where we just have a 30 minute conversation about random topics. I’d love to just sit down with him and talk to him man-to-man compared to like adult to kid. Maybe I’ll run the idea by him and see what he thinks (if I remember).

Not much else going on. I think I’m going to go lay in bed with some headphones before I crash, which is always nice. I’m sure Amelia will be waking up soon, but honestly, when my weekend is under way I don’t mind getting up with her. For some reason I also really like getting up early (8 a.m.) and watching the Dan Patrick Show on NBCSN. I love the way they format that show.

Anyway, I’m going to go lay up in bed, I hope everyone had a great Monday, and are ready for Tuesday.

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